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Dr. Jeevan

Hi, I am Dr. Jeevan from Ayurveda-Care Health Club. The last 20 years I am supporting patients with Ayurveda Care by giving advices for nutrition, Ayurveda supplements, Panchakarma and Ayurveda Medical education in Europe especially in Germany.

Now it is time to popularize Ayurveda and its benefits with integrating of modern technologies like Tele- medicine, online support and other applications.  So that it came to my mind a health club with Ayurveda-Care.

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Tell me how?

  • What is Ayurveda-Care health club?

You know that Ayurveda is getting popular in the whole world not because of its Panchakarma (the detox Therapy), not because of the massages, which gives you momentarily pleasures, but because of the messages, which are embedded, in this traditional medicine. Even we have a lot of experts of Ayurveda in this world, no body is able to utilize their wisdom, because these experts are living in another corner of the world. Most of the experts in Ayurveda are in India and it is very difficult for a person from Munich or New york is able to do a consultation or to get an expert opinion.

  • How it is useful for you?

Even if you are under the treatment of school medicine, there can be a lot of integration of Ayurveda principles like Nutritional guidelines, Yoga therapy, and herbal supplements in your day-to-day life, which gives a fast recovery for your chronic ailments. We need only the expert’s advice for such situations.

  • How it works?

The concept of Ayurveda-Care health club is very simple. A patient sitting in US or Australia or Berlin or any part of the world can contact me directly by registering through the web for an online appointment. After the appointment the person is able to do a video consultation and I will send the necessary information like nutritional guidelines, herbal combination and sequence of yoga and special cooking recipes. If the person really needs a special expert in Ayurveda like in Orthopedic, Neurology or Dermatology the patient will be directed to an online consultation with the expert to get more advices of Ayurveda-Care. After the consultation, the treatment in a center near to you or at your home or in the expert center will be discussed and finalized.

  • What is included in consultation

A consultation includes with symptom analysis and diagnosis of Vikruti, Mental and physical analysis or Manasa / Sareera Prakruti and deciding the herbal combinations suitable for each individual. Nutritional guidelines, monthly food recipes, and the mental support by Vedic traditions are the main benefits you get from the consultation..

  • What is included in one year membership

A support for one year in monthly basis with nutritional guidelines, food recipes, yoga therapy and a life style management with the Daily and seasonal routines based on Ayurveda. A one time Panchakarma in an year will be advised in a proper center which is suitable for the client. It can be in various Ayurveda Care centers of Germany or Kerala. 

Video Presentation

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