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Ayurveda Care at Home.

This is a time for seeking help from Home Care Ayurveda team for your various problems what you face in your day to day life. Ayurveda which is a traditional medicine from India was actually practiced by most of the royal families. A physician who cooks for the family, therapists who massages with oil and making bath in herbal milk, packing the hairs with Tali- herbal pastes like henna or hibiscus; gardners who cultivate organically grown vegetables for the family, cows at their own houses and given only one cows milk for a family but not mixed with other cows milk to ensure no diseases are spread by mixing the milk.

Even today Ayurveda is a sophisticated and exclusive life style for the people who are thinking about mother nature. Now a days such a uality of life is difficult to achieve. We have mixed milk, which create lactose intolerance or other dermatological diseases. We have no time to do a oil massage to keep our body healthy and skin glowing. Most of the daily activities explained in Ayurveda Life Style is can not be reached alone. We need support from the experts like Ayurveda doctor, Yoga therapist, Ayurveda Nutritionalist, Ayurveda therapist, Ayurveda Psychologist, Pranayama teacher, Dhyana teacher and so on. May be your grand mother is suffering fro back ache- Here comes the Ayurveda therapist with Ayurveda oil- Abhyanga! May be your father is suffering from asthma - and a pranayama teacher can help to reduce this by teaching an appropriate Pranayama. It can be Ujjayi or Kapalabhathi; or Seethali or Anuloma -Viloma. All depends on the diagnosis of an Ayurveda doctor.

May be you have a just new comer in your home- your baby ! Our therapist will teach you a baby massage which gives strength to the bones and preventing skin diseases. One of you are suffering from food allergies, poly arthritis, insomnia, cardiac problems,  Ulcerative colitis, depressions- Any diseases can be healed with a proper food cooked with proper spices and herbs. Spice-herb Mixture is in such a way is that a medicinal mix. This is combined with vegetables, milk, fruits or grains. That art of cooking is Ayurveda. Our Nutritionalist will teach you to make a breakfast, lunch and dinner in a simple and logical concepts of Ayurveda at your home.

We are there for you! Just make a call for an appointment with our Ayurveda doctor to get a diagnosis and he will guide you what you exactly need for improving your life style.

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