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Do you need a support from Ayurveda, and that itself at your home? Call or e mail us and one of our Ayurveda doctor will be there at your residence and diagnose you with age old pulse reading methods / other ayurveda dosha dignostic methods. It can be a tongue, eye, voice, skin like five sense organ diagnosis / Mental analysis to find out any stress or strain / bone and joint analysis for any sprain or aches. Completely a non- technical methods developed in the ancient ayurveda methods. This is a holistic analysis methods which is very human where the natural anlysis of a person is established. It is important in Ayurveda to analyse the person / Patient and the disease, not only finding a disease. A disease in which type of person is more important in Ayurveda healing methods.

After the analysis, the Ayurveda doctor will prescribe the nutritional guidelines, simple herbal remedies or home remedies. Even some of the Ayurveda massages or herbal oil applications. Our trained  therapist will visit you once in a week or month to do the treatments which are purely based on Ayurveda. Our Nutritionalist will come and teach you some of the Ayurveda food recieps which are suitable for your health.

Even you can contact us with our Ayurveda Care App directly to our various doctors which are near to you or the therapists. 


Ayurveda Homecare provides  services to the patient at home:

Nutritional Care

Abhyanga Care

Marma Care

Pregnancy Care

Child Care

And many other services See more >>

Herbs / Spices

Buy a number of herbs and spices for your health including:

Dosha balance Tea

Dosha Balance Olis

Dosha Balance herbal powders

Pain Free Balm

Pain Free Oil

And many other options See more >>

BETTER CARE STARTS AT HOME:                                                                                                    CARE JOBS


My Ayurveda doctor suggested me a life style program to recover from cancer after the chemo therapy. The therapists who come to my home and giving massages, the Ayurveda cook who helps me to learn new healthy foods and the yoga instructor who shows be the sequence good for my illness - all improve my overall health. Thanks for the Home care Ayurveda team”                      Caroline- Berlin

“I never thought that the Ayurveda food is so easy to cook. My nutritionalist helped me to cook at my home with appropriate spices and vegetables  according to my vitiated Dosha”. Thanks for the Home Care ayurveda team"     Betty - Hamburg

“The Ayurveda therapist send by my Ayurveda doctor was excellent. Weekly ayurvedic oil application and abhyanga made me new life energy. My knee joint and hip pain is completely disappeared"                                   Arthur- Munich

I know my yoga sequences what is good for my poly arthritis. Instead of going and practising a group Yoga  superficially, it is better to learn tailor made Yoga sequences for your self. Thanks to the Yoga instructor from Home Care Ayurveda and special thanks to the Ayurveda doctor who designed this for me.” Jenny - Mallorca

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