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Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) an Ayurvedic approach.

How can we understand and help CFS in the light of Ayurvedic Medicine?

Vata, Pitta and Kapha are the basic theory in Ayurvedic Medicine. In Sanskrit, we call them “Doshas”. This means a function which can very easily turn into a malfunction. The equilibrium of these three dhoshas means a state of health.

“Vata” is the movement of force. “Pitta” is the heat generated by our movements. “Kapha” is the structure where the movement and the heat is generated. Everything which is, in this universe is categorized into these three “doshas”. All living and non-living beings, even diseases are categorized as a Vata, Pitta or Kapha disease.

When we come back to CFS, the Vata / air and the Kapha / water dhoshas are “vitiated” or aggravated in the system. They are in a state of unhealthy increase.

Vata or Air-related diseases will produce pain, fatigue and depressions. They will mainly be skeletal, bone or joint diseases. Arthritis, CFS, cervical spondilosis, migraine, interstinal colic, lumbago, sciatic neuritis,

chronic constipation, insomnia and insanity are some of the examples for Vata diseases. And the bone and nerves are the main tissue of Vata bio energy. When we look at the main house of Vata, or “site” we can call it, which is the region below the naval, especially the uterus, the colon, lumbar, the sacrum and also the lower limbs.

When we look the snense organs of Vata that are ears and Skin. The quality of Vata is dryness and coldness. That means an excess amount of dryness and coldness is coming to the body by climate, work pattern, food and exercises the Vata can increase and create problems on the site (Colon, Uterus and legs), the senses (Ears and Skin), and the tissue (Bone-joints and nerves). Now it is easy to understand why the CFS produces the symptoms in these regions like bone and joint pain, gas formation, tinnitus, dryness and coldness of the skin etc.

More than that Vata is an emptiness (Ether and Air element) that is why an empty feeling in the mind and lethargy develops overall. The treatment principle or the holistic approach in Ayurveda for CFS is to treat all these sites (ears, Skin, Colon, Legs bone, joints, nerves also the mind) by inducing warm oily principles which is opposite to Vata energy that will reduce the excess amount of unhealthy Vata. This is done by warming plant extracts and herbal oils with massages, ayurvedic oil applications internally and externally and therapeutical application of oils in the Colon known as Vasthi. This all should be carried out by a well experienced Ayurvedic physician.

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